Psalmond Road Supercenter

Psalmond Road Supercenter offers a wide variety of structured and informal activities.  The center can also be rented for private gatherings, reunions, sport events or banquets.  Psalmond Road Park includes 19,000 square foot recreation center, 4 little league fields and a playground.  The recreation center is comprised of a gymnasium, weight room, aerobics room, children activity room, full sized kitchen, gameroom, and locker rooms. 

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Closed Sunday

Center Director: Destiny Landers

6550 Psalmond Road
Columbus, Georgia 31820

tel: 706-641-5935


Capacity: 505
Deposit: $150
Rental Fee:
Columbus Residents: 
$100 / 3Hrs.
$125 for 3Hrs.
$35 each additional hour


Community Room & Kitchen
Capacity: 35 - 50
Deposit: $100
Rental Fee:
Columbus Residents:
$60 / 3Hrs.
$75 / 3Hrs
$20 each additional hour

game room

Game Room
Deposit: $100
Rental Fee:
Columbus Residents:
$75 / 3Hrs.
$90 / 3Hrs.
$25 each additional hour

rec center

Entire Facility
Deposit: $150
Rental Fee
Columbus Residents:
$150 / 3Hrs.
$175 / 3Hrs.
$50 for each additional hour.

Court Rules: 

  • No cursing, fighting or arguing
  • No horseplay
  • No sagging pants or shorts
  • Shirts and shoes are to be worn at all times
  • No hard bottom shoes or slides/flip flops are allowed
  • No gambling
  • Court times may vary for adults and youth when posted

Computer Lab Rules:

The lab is a privilege for all to share, but as we all are sharing this space we must be considerate of others. We ask that you please sign in and follow these simple rules: 

  • Clean up after yourself
  • Be considerate of other lab users - this is a study area
  • No food or beverages
  • No pornographic material
  • Do not lock any PC's
  • Do not waste our limited resources by printing extra copies that aren't needed. 
  • When printing, please pick up copies from printer immediately
  • Please limit your printing
  • Only print items that are school related
  • It others are waiting to use computers and you are not doing school related work, please let them use the computer. 
  • Do not install/download/modify/delete any system files
  • Save all work to a removable drive or your Z drive
  • CD-ROMs and other multimedia equipment are for school work only, not for music or recreational activities
  • Respect the equipment - do not remove or disconnect any labels, parts, cables or equipment
  • Do not read or modify other users' files
  • If you leave the lab, do not leave your personal belongings unattended. We are not responsible for any theft

These policies are subject to change as warranted by the instructional program.