Senior Center Rules: 

  • Do not come to the center while intoxicated or under the influence of impairing drugs (legal or illegal)
  • No smoking, vaping or any other forms of tobacco are allowed in or in front of the building
  • Do not possess, use, or sell alcohol or controlled substances
  • If a caregiver accompanies you at the center, he/she must remain with you during program hours
  • Treat other participants, staff, instructors and guest speakers in a courteous and respectful manner 
  • Do not engage in inappropriate behavior or language that disturbs other participants, volunteers or staff
  • Do not bully or take unfair advantage of any participant, volunteer or staff
  • Do not engage in racial, religious, political or sexual harassment of participants, volunteers or staff
  • Do not sell items or services; do not beg or solicit personal gifts
  • Do not wear inappropriate or revealing attire; appropriate footwear is also required
  • Must maintain personal cleanliness and good hygiene
  • Do not destroy or remove any items or property from the center
  • Do not touch or move other people's personal items without the owner's permission. If you find something that you think might be lost or abandoned, please notify staff. The center is not responsible for lost or stolen property. 
  • Take pride in your center by keeping it neat and clean. Dispose of all litter and recyclable materials properly.
  • Respect the bathrooms by cleaning up after each use, flush the toilets and notify staff of any issues or concerns
  • Do not lie down or sleep on the furniture
  • Do not put out food for donation or general consumption without prior staff authorization
  • Respect our hours of operation; please exit the building no later than 5:00 pm
  • All participants must sign in with their full name when entering the building

Procedure for Violations: 

Supervisors will implement the Code of Conduct by responding as follows: 

First Offense - Verbal Warning

Second Offense - 1-3 Months Suspension

Third Offense - 3-6 Months Suspension

Fourth Offense - Permanent Suspension