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Little League Baseball and Softball (Ages 4 - 12)

Little League Division Maps:     

  • American - Double Churches Park 
    • 2300 Double Churches Road 
  • Eastern - Edgewood Park
    • 1523 Morris Road 
  • National - Rigdon Park
    • 1600 Howe Avenue
  • Northern - Psalmond Road Park
    • 6550 Psalmond Road 
  • Peach - Lakebottom Park
    • 1505 Cherokee Avenue 
  • Pioneer - Britt David Park 
    • 5560 Armour Road 
  • Sally - Shirley Winston Park
    • 5025 Steam Mill Road 

League Websites:

Dixie Boys Baseball (Ages 13 - 19)

boys dixie baseball

Youth Football

Youth in the Greater Columbus area can register for local teams through the Columbus Youth Football League or River City Youth Football

Youth Basketball League

Columbus Youth Basketball (CYB) League has been organized to provide youth of our community with a structured basketball organization that promotes fair play, skills, development, respect and most of all fun. We believe that successful programs are successful because of good communications and a solid based organizational staff. The age division in which a youth participates is determined by their age on September 1, 2023. Participants shall play only in their age group. Sanctioned middle school, high school varsity, junior varsity, and freshman players that participate in try-outs and whose name is on an official roster at the start of the regular school season are ineligible to participate in CYB.

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Woodruff Farm Soccer is facilitated with ten soccer fields in various sizes to accommodate players from under 6 to over 16 years old. Several local leagues host games as well as tournaments. Ample parking is provided on the north and south sides of the park.

Soccer Field Information
Field Dimension In Yards
Under 6 30x20
Under 8 50x30
Under 10 80x50
Under 12 100x60
Under 14 110x75
Under 16 120x80

Ages Fields
Under 6 5A - 5H
Under 8 4A - 4F
Under 10 3A, 3B, 7A, 7B
Under 12 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 6A, 6B
Under 14 1 - 4, 6 - 10
Under 16 7 - 11